Stress Fractures or Shin splints in Dancers

Stress Fractures Or Shin Splints In Dancers
Shin splints or Tibial Stress Syndrome is an over- use injury where the bones and muscles become irritated and unable to absorb shock. If left untreated it may progress to a stress fracture. (Stress fractures do not always begin with shin splints).
Identification of a stress fracture –pain more localised and often located on the front of the shin. In both cases the pain is increased when taking off and landing on jumps.

A sudden increase in activity
Hard floors
Poor landing techniques
Reduced vitamin D levels and poor nutrition

Treatment – if shin splints
• Stop jumping for at least a week
• Using Kinesio tape
• Stretching the hips and calves fully
If possible stress fracture – see doctor immediately for further investigation

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