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Testimonial – Liz Atha

“I have suffered with lower back problems for over 10 years now. I’ve had MRI scans, X Rays, physiotherapy treatment and chiropractors, all on the NHS, let them push, pull and prod me for all that time with no-one actually telling me what the problem was and how to treat it. After numerous painful episodes from an ongoing issue which was starting to affect my everyday life, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a private consultation which in the first instance involved me paying for an up to date MRI and X Ray at Nuffield. When these showed I had no structural issues, the Consultant then recommended yet another course of physiotherapy …. “Here we go again, more money for no results!”


Meeting Liz has been the best thing I have done within the last 10 years of suffering. A month ago there would have been no-one who could have made me bend over and attempt to touch my toes! I would have been too scared of injuring myself! After only 4 weeks of specialist exercising, targeting my specific problem, I can bend and move pain free more now than I have done in many years! She has given me confidence to do things I would never have attempted before! Although I still have a way to go, I have so much confidence in Liz and her treatment that I look forward to our sessions, as I know I am slowly on the way to having a completely pain free life.


Thanks Liz for everything so far. I am very confident that if I stick to my plan, I can look forward to a pain free future. I already feel so much happier in myself being able to do normal day to day things ‘none back pain sufferers’ take for granted. If you need a course of physio, I can heartily recommended Liz Atha!”

Stress Fractures or Shin splints in Dancers

Stress Fractures Or Shin Splints In Dancers
Shin splints or Tibial Stress Syndrome is an over- use injury where the bones and muscles become irritated and unable to absorb shock. If left untreated it may progress to a stress fracture. (Stress fractures do not always begin with shin splints).
Identification of a stress fracture –pain more localised and often located on the front of the shin. In both cases the pain is increased when taking off and landing on jumps.

A sudden increase in activity
Hard floors
Poor landing techniques
Reduced vitamin D levels and poor nutrition

Treatment – if shin splints
• Stop jumping for at least a week
• Using Kinesio tape
• Stretching the hips and calves fully
If possible stress fracture – see doctor immediately for further investigation

Gluteus Medius weakness and Low back Pain

gluteus mediustrendelenburgWeakness of the above muscles is a common cause of back pain. The gluteus maximus, medius and minimus muscles comprise the muscle group known as the gluts. Weakness causes tension strain and pain in the surrounding muscles, soft tissues and joints.
The main function of the Gluts is to stabilise the hip and pelvis during walking. If the gluteus medius muscle is not working properly it causes a trendelenburg gait. You can test if this muscle is weak by standing on one leg, If weak your hip will drop as in the above picture.