Testimonial – Liz Atha

“I have suffered with lower back problems for over 10 years now. I’ve had MRI scans, X Rays, physiotherapy treatment and chiropractors, all on the NHS, let them push, pull and prod me for all that time with no-one actually telling me what the problem was and how to treat it. After numerous painful episodes from an ongoing issue which was starting to affect my everyday life, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a private consultation which in the first instance involved me paying for an up to date MRI and X Ray at Nuffield. When these showed I had no structural issues, the Consultant then recommended yet another course of physiotherapy …. “Here we go again, more money for no results!”


Meeting Liz has been the best thing I have done within the last 10 years of suffering. A month ago there would have been no-one who could have made me bend over and attempt to touch my toes! I would have been too scared of injuring myself! After only 4 weeks of specialist exercising, targeting my specific problem, I can bend and move pain free more now than I have done in many years! She has given me confidence to do things I would never have attempted before! Although I still have a way to go, I have so much confidence in Liz and her treatment that I look forward to our sessions, as I know I am slowly on the way to having a completely pain free life.


Thanks Liz for everything so far. I am very confident that if I stick to my plan, I can look forward to a pain free future. I already feel so much happier in myself being able to do normal day to day things ‘none back pain sufferers’ take for granted. If you need a course of physio, I can heartily recommended Liz Atha!”